Your top 10 questions about retirement living answered

Post by: Eastlands Estate, 23 Mar 2017

Choosing a retirement estate that’s right for you (and your present and future needs) might sound daunting, but it’s easier than you think.

We have rounded up the top 10 questions seniors just like you ask when choosing a retirement estate:

  1. But don’t I still have to pay for the upkeep of my private unit over and above these levies?
    Not at Eastlands! Our levies include full exterior home maintenance (including the care and repair of your home’s paving, roof structures, geysers and painting); full garden maintenance (including a fitted irrigation system for economical watering); and comprehensive homeowners’ building insurance.
  2. Aren’t retirement estates expensive, both in terms of property prices and levies?
    Some retirement villages are expensive. The trick is to look for an estate that offers affordable living. Eastlands’ current property prices start from just R945 000 for a garden apartment. Our levies are also affordable, coming in at just R15 per square metre – that’s among the lowest in South Africa!
  3. What is the difference between life rights and sectional title?
    Life rights allows you to buy the right to occupy a unit in an estate for as long as you are living there. You never own the unit, and it remains the legal property and the responsibility of the estate developer. Sectional title properties, on the other hand, can be bonded or bought for cash, and remain your private property. We only offer sectional title properties at Eastlands, which make for sound financial investments.
  4. I don’t need a frail care centre, so why is it so important to choose an estate that has such a facility?
    Retirement estates are designed with not only your current needs in mind, but your future needs too. You might not need a frail care centre today, but there’s a good chance you will as you age. The Eastlands philosophy is that we want to make aging as comfortable as possible for our residents, which means enabling you to easily move from your home to the frail care centre, when you need it, all within the same estate. Our frail care centre offers specialised healthcare, 24 hours a day.
  5. What is assisted living, and do I need it?
    Assisted living is when you can no longer perform normal day-to-day duties by yourself, and need help to do so. Accessing assisted living services privately can be difficult and expensive, but provision is made for this at retirement estates. Eastlands offers both dedicated assisted living units at our onsite healthcare facility and professional homecare services for personalised care in the comfort of residents’ homes.
  6. How safe are retirement estates?
    As safe, if not safer, than living in your own home. All the facilities are designed with over 50s in mind, providing ease of access and ease of use to limit possible accidents. These estates also feature excellent security measures. Eastlands boasts outstanding security in the form of a 2.4m boundary wall with individual zoned electric fencing; an extensive CCTV camera network; 24-hour active guarding and access control; and a panic alarm system in all homes, linked to the security gatehouse, frail care centre and armed response.
  7. But doesn’t estate living mean I have to give up my garden and my pets?
    Not necessarily. Some retirement estates, like Eastlands, provide gardens with their housing units. Eastlands also offers vegetable allotments, so if you’re green fingered, you’re well catered for! Pet lovers are also welcome to buy one of our many pet-friendly units, and bring their beloved animals with them.
  8. Does that mean I will be on my own?
    Not at all! If you don’t have a spouse and live alone, you are still part of the greater estate community. At Eastlands that means having access to all estate facilities, including a health and wellness centre, bowling green, carpentry and metalwork workshops, and indoor and outdoor pools, where you can meet like-minded people your age and enjoy these amenities together.
  9. What is independent living, and is it right for me?
    Independent living means that although you are living in a residential estate, you still live in your own home and are responsible for overseeing all your own day-to-day activities. It’s best suited to active over 50s. Independent living offers you a choice of housing units. At Eastlands that includes garden apartments, semi-detached units and freestanding homes.
  10. My children live out of town; where will they stay if they want to visit me and I live in an estate?
    Some retirement estates make provision for visiting guests through onsite accommodation. We’re proud to offer our residents full access to our boutique hotel rooms for overnighting family and friends.



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