Why Seniors Should Set New Year's Resolutions

Post by: Eastlands Estate, 15 Jan 2021

I was chatting with a friend just before we reached the close of 2020 about New Year’s resolutions and the topic of age came up. He asked if I thought that it was worth it for seniors to set new goals for the coming year. 

The discussion went back and forth before I finally closed with a quote from Lucius Seneca, which I believe is an apt quote to open this newsletter with; “Let us cherish and love old age; for it is full of pleasure if one knows how to use it. Fruits are most welcome when almost over; youth is most charming at its close; the last drink delights the toper, the glass which souses him and puts the finishing touch on his drunkenness. Each pleasure reserves to the end the greatest delights which it contains.” – Letters from a Stoic, Lucius Seneca.

This quote perfectly illustrates why we should set New Year’s Resolutions. The sweetest fruits have yet to be picked, the last drink yet to be poured, and our personal goals – well, many are still to be accomplished! 

Why Resolutions Are Important

Beyond the feeling of accomplishment that achieving goals gives us, there are many reasons why one should set themselves New Year’s resolutions, more so in their twilight years. 

  • Goals give life purpose. As Myles Munroe so eloquently said,” The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.” Working toward a goal helps to fight Alzheimer’s. Some may argue that it’s too late for us, though recent study findings reported by Rush University said, “study findings suggest that healthy lifestyle choices such as exercise and cognitive stimulation may decrease cognitive decline and dementia.” While the goal itself may not fight off dementia, those at risk will reap the benefits that the activity of meeting goal objectives offers.  
  • Resolutions not only look forward but back. As we plan for our resolutions, we must first take stock of the year that has passed. Resolutions afford us the opportunity to reflect on our last 365 days and take note of where we should focus, improve, or emulate. 

New Year’s Resolutions Idea’s

It may have been a while since you last set yourself New Year’s resolutions, or perhaps you have set so many in past years, you are running out of ideas. No matter the reason, here is a short list of resolutions that you may use as your own. 

  • Get active. We are all guilty of inactivity, which is why I thought it a good idea to make this the first goal on the list. Just a few hours of exercise per week can have wonderful benefits. Senior Lifestyle provides an awesome list of ways that you can increase your fitness here. 
  • Dedicate time to yourself. This is another important resolution to set for this year. Be it an extra trip to the hairdresser, a spa day, or an extra tot in your nightcap; caring for yourself should be a key focus for 2021!
  • Read more. This is something that everyone should attempt in the New Year. Even if you read four books a month, strive for five. If you read none, strive for one book a month. At Eastlands, we have a wonderfully stocked library, so you don’t even have to leave the estate.
  • Make someone smile at least once a day. When you make a conscious decision to make someone smile, you find that you may not do it as easily as you previously thought. Smiles are contagious, so beware – the more you make others smile, the more you will too!
  • Try a new style/ reinvent your look. It’s a known fact – when you look good, you feel good. If that’s something that you would like to achieve in the New Year, then trying out a new look could be just what you need. A new haircut, new clothes, or even a new set of glasses could reinvigorate you and start your year off in a dazzling fashion. 
  • Learn a new language. It’s never too late to learn something new and possibly the most exciting thing you could ever learn is a new language! 
  • Get involved in a new charity. Selfless acts make us feel good, that’s a fact, which is why I always suggest becoming involved in a charity. Sadly, there are countless to choose from, though this will make your decision on which to go with a lot easier. 
  • Start a journal. This relates somewhat to self-care, though should be mentioned as a standalone tip. Journaling allows us to meditate, reflect, and find deeper meaning and purpose in all that we do. Channelling your thoughts in a journal is therapeutic and helps you find clarity from otherwise distressing thoughts. We strongly recommend that, if you do not already, you begin journaling in 2021!
  • Find a confidante. This may take the form of an old friend or a counselor, though no matter the shape, having someone to vent to is important. If you do not have a confidante, make it your mission to find one this year!  

We hope that you have found at least one resolution worth setting on the list! If you have set your own goals for 2021 and you do not see them here, get in touch with us and let us know! We would love to share your ideas with the estate residents.

Finally, we would like to wish you an incredibly happy, prosperous New Year from the entire Eastlands team!


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