Why our Lifestyle Centre makes Eastlands one of SA's best retirement estates

Post by: Eastlands Estate, 15 May 2017

Construction on the Eastlands Lifestyle Centre is moving swiftly along, and we’re well on track to opening this unique, innovative facility by the end of July.

When we say unique we really do mean one of a kind, because there is no other upmarket retirement estate in South Africa that offers our exclusive approach to ageing, combined with our specific facilities in this particular countryside locale.

For a start, the Eastlands Lifestyle Centre is the onsite home of Geratec – the South African leader in ‘ageing in place’ elderly care. 

‘Ageing in place’ is a concept that has been gaining momentum on the international senior living front in recent years, and provides for a more holistic approach to caring for the aged. It is a people-oriented model, where decision-making is moved closer to you and your needs, and away from the outdated, top-down medical care model.

An important element of ‘ageing in place’ is the creation of a safe, comfortable home-like environment within which older people can thrive, and it’s this idea that forms the backbone of our advanced care facilities at the Eastlands Lifestyle Centre.

We offer professional homecare services for personalised care in the comfort of your own home and in our six dedicated assisted living suites, as well as specialised healthcare facilities at our 15-bed frail care centre, which provides 24-hour frail care.

Although you might not need this level of care now, it is inevitable that you will one day. It’s a fact that people are living longer and as a result, care needs have changed. The type of care people aged 80+ or even 90+ need today is not the same as it was 20 years ago. At Eastlands, we have taken this on board in the conceptualisation of our new Lifestyle Centre.

But we’re also aware of the other side of this ageing trend – active ageing. That is, older people staying active, being social, working and pursuing the activities they love, for longer.

We have provided for this at the Lifestyle Centre too through our indoor and outdoor pools; restaurant; business centre; gym and health studio; bowling green; vegetable allotments and workshop.

In this way, you can enjoy your life to the fullest while living in your own private, secure home on the Eastlands Estate, and then when you need more specialised care, access those services and dedicated facilities right here, on your doorstep.

At Eastlands, you really do get your forever home, with no reason to ever have to up and leave again. Everything you could possibly need to retire in style and live beautifully is right here!

Sound like your kind of retirement? Then invest in your future today! Eastlands units are selling like hot cakes: phase 1 is sold out, phase 2 only has a few units left and phase 3 has already sold out of some of its larger, freestanding homes.



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