We're All About Festive Fun This Christmas!

Post by: Eastlands Estate, 11 Dec 2019

At Eastlands, we may be an estate for young-at-heart over 50s, but we’re looking forward to welcoming the sound of children’s laughter as our residents spend precious time with their families – and especially their grandchildren - over the festive season.  

When children spend time with their grandparents, amazing things happen. Countless studies show that high levels of grandparental involvement actually increases a child’s well-being. In the UK, for example, recent research involving over 1 500 children found that those who often spent time with their grandparents had fewer emotional and behavioural problems.

When you include grandparents in the overall raising of children, it fosters immense feelings of security, comfort, connection and stability. Grandparents are treasure troves of fascinating stories about family history, and help children to understand their place in the overall hierarchy. They also offer a different kind of love to that of parents, as it’s not tempered as much by routine and discipline.

So, if you weren’t already thinking of spending time with your grandchildren this Christmas, now is definitely the time to make plans!

Christmas is always a very special time for families. Lots of quality time spent together, coupled with indulgent meals and, of course, presents! As grandparents get older, it’s often easier for their children and grandchildren to come to them. But while this stops the stress of having to travel, it does mean you need to plan meals and activities to keep your grandchildren happy and occupied.

For some grandparents, this thought might be a little stressful, but don’t worry! At Eastlands, we’ve got you covered!

Eastlands Kiddies Christmas Party
This has been a huge success for the past two years. Lots of party games and fun, topped off with a braai and handing out of presents. This is certainly a highlight on the Eastlands calendar, and one which all our residents and their grandchildren look forward to each year.

Christmas Lunch
Once again, our talented on-site chefs are pulling out all the stops with a delicious and extravagant traditional Christmas buffet lunch. It’s perfect for those residents who want to have a completely relaxed and hassle-free Christmas. This year, some of the tempting offerings include succulent salmon, decadent avocado ritz, succulent roast turkey, honey-glazed gammon and all the trimmings….followed, of course, with traditional seasonal desserts such as Christmas pudding and trifle.

And when you’re done eating and partying, here are a couple of other great ideas for activities you can do with your grandchildren in the holidays:

Christmas Decorations
These are always really fun to make with children of all ages. Why not try:

  • Baking gingerbread biscuits to decorate and hang on the tree.
  • Dried pasta angels – A simple piece of bow tie pasta for wings and a rigatoni tube for the angel’s body, and you’re good to go! Stick a loop of festive-coloured cotton to the back and hang on the tree.
  • Paper chains – everyone’s favourite! Buy ready-cut strips of coloured paper at a craft store or make your own. Then have competitions to see who can make the longest chain! Have fun hanging them all over your house for real Christmas cheer.

Christmas Movies
These are a lifesaver when you need a little quiet time! If you can’t find a movie you like on TV, why not rent or stream one? Great choices include The Polar Express, The Muppets Christmas Carol, Home Alone, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Santa Paws.  

What About the Weather?
In South Africa, we’re fortunate that our weather is usually good over Christmas. But it never hurts to have a plan B – just in case! Have a few indoor activities lined up – board games, colouring books, cards and story books are great wet weather activities that parents often don’t have the time or energy for - which makes them perfect grandparent options.

Across the Miles
Of course, it’s not always possible to physically be with your grandchildren over Christmas but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with them. The wonders of Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp and others mean you can still see your grandchildren, even if they’re far away. Try scheduling a video call so you can read them a story – perhaps at the end of the day when all the excitement is over. Or show them how to make some Christmas decorations, and let them do it while you watch, helping them from across the miles. With a little creativity, you can still share in some of the magic of Christmas with your grandchildren – it will help make the distance between you feel a lot smaller.

Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate
If you’re fortunate enough to be spending Christmas with your grandchildren, we at Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate wish you and your loved ones a very blessed, safe and happy holiday. However, we also have a range of activities for those residents who find themselves home alone this festive season. Pilates, lawn bowls, water aerobics, social clubs…and more.

We'd love to show you everything we have to offer, so Click here to book your personalised tour of Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate. We look forward to welcoming you.


Merry Christmas!



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