Eastlands is all heart

Post by: Eastlands Estate, 07 May 2016

We love our residents (and our local community!).

Retirement homes. That’s what most retirement estates sell, right? Not us. 

At Eastlands we sell a lifestyle that allows you to age actively, gracefully. We sell a country-style setting that is environmentally conscious and earth friendly. And we sell forever homes filled with heart and soul (that are unique, individual and bigger than matchboxes).

Why? Because we care.

We care about our residents’ wellbeing, we care about the planet and our indigenous fauna and flora, and we care about the investments our residents have made in their futures.

This is evidenced by:

  • Our adoption of a high-quality lifestyle housing model that combines outstanding accommodation with excellent active ageing facilities
  • Our vast range of well-sized homes, from 1-bed, 1-bath garden apartments to 4-bed, 2.5 bath houses, including pet-friendly homes
  • Our stipulation for ‘green’ technology in all our homes
  • Our incorporation of vast indigenous areas and natural landscaping into the estate
  • Our focus on ageing in place through the adoption of the globally acclaimed Geratec care model, which includes professional home healthcare and frail care facilities

 We also care about our local community, as seen in our:

  • Protection of a large stock of wild African potato uncovered on the development site – one of the most important and widely used traditional medicinal plants in South Africa
  • Widening of the public access outside the estate 
  • Erection of motion detector cameras on Eastlands Drive 

These are just a few of the aspects of our heartfelt approach to caring for our residents and our local community that sets us apart from traditional retirement villages.

Because ultimately we’re not a retirement village, but the custodians of a vibrant community for over 50s (who like us are not only full of heart, but young at heart too!)


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