Want to retire happy? Have fun!

Post by: Eastlands Estate, 07 Mar 2019

Growing old is mandatory. Growing up, however, is optional!

We love that sentiment because really, whoever said aging and retiring was boring was quite wrong. Life’s what you make it, and retirement is no different, so rather make it fun and put those extra hours in your day to living (and loving) your best life as a retiree.

For many people, after years of waking up early, beating the traffic, and running the rat race every day, their ideal retirement days involve sleeping in late, enjoying leisurely meals and kicking back to relax with a book, the newspaper or to watch TV.

The 2018 results of a three-year Finnish study monitoring seniors as they transitioned from working to retirement supported this, noting that on average, moving into retirement increased the amount of time spent sitting from four and a half to six hours per day. Sedentary lifestyles characterised by long periods of sitting, the researchers said, had been linked to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

So as much as sitting and relaxing might be high on your retirement agenda, it’s probably not that much fun after all. In fact researchers from the Harvard Study of Adult Development – one of America’s oldest and most respected studies on aging – say retirees should rather invest in exercise, having fun, making new friends and learning new things, as this is more likely to keep them ‘young’ and healthy in body, mind and spirit.

So, just what constitutes healthy fun for a happy retirement? Here are a few of the more popular activities seniors adopt after 65:

  • Working around the house: not housework, but gardening, home maintenance, and small projects that don’t require a professional but keep one active
  • Taking up a new sport: golf, swimming, bowls, yoga, dancing, tai chi and Pilates are all low-impact activities ideal for seniors that counter sedentary lifestyles
  • Pursuing new hobbies: sewing, building models, drawing, woodwork, gardening, crafting and baking are popular hobbies, and often have local clubs that welcome seniors and are great for making new friends of the same age
  • Walking: walking has so many benefits for older people, and when done with friends or with a walking club, can be great fun
  • Learning something new: learning a new language, new skill, or even enrolling for a course help keep older brains active and those brain cells firing
  • Travelling: travel doesn’t have to involve expensive trips to exotic locations; exploring local sightseeing spots is fun, educational and incorporates that much-needed physical activity
  • Volunteering: organisations caring for children, animals and seniors in need are always looking for volunteers and as such, are popular with retirees who want to give back to society. Although not always a ‘fun’ activity, volunteering does add more meaning to retirees’ lives.
  • Helping out the grandchildren: there’s no better way to stay active (and have fun while doing it) than spending time with young children. Between homework, crafts, extra-murals and cake sales, there’s always something for grandparents to do when it comes to helping out their kids with the grandchildren
  • Finding a new life purpose: many older people have dreams they never pursued or passions they wish they had followed. Retirement is a great time to either rekindle those interests, or even adopt entirely new goals and aspirations that provide a renewed sense of purpose outside the workplace.

At Eastlands, the entire estate is dedicated towards having fun in retirement. We have a state-of-the-art Lifestyle Centre complete with sports and wellness facilities, as well as a wood and metalworking workshop, walking trails through beautiful landscaped gardens, and vegetable allotments for our green-fingered residents.

Our social clubs like the Eastlands Bridge Club bring residents together for entertaining events, while our strong sense of community allows residents to build long-lasting friendships with other retirees just like them.

There are still a handful of luxury units available, so why not visit Eastlands this weekend and let us help you plan your fun-filled retirement?


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