The Benefits Of Community Living For Active Seniors

Post by: Eastlands Estate, 29 Apr 2019

As an active older adult, you may feel you’re not quite ready for community living with other retired and senior adults. Yet there are actually many advantages of moving to a senior living community before you actually need assisted living, memory care or daily nursing.

One of the main benefits of choosing senior community living while you’re still healthy is that it removes a huge burden from your children’s shoulders. You’re making the move while you’re still physically able to do so yourself, and you relieve your children of the enormous responsibility of choosing where you’ll live in your later years. There is also no time pressure to sell your existing home – if you leave it until you have to move, your children immediately feel under pressure to sell your home on your behalf as quickly as possible so that you can afford to do so.

In addition, retired adults with grown up children often feel the “old family home” is simply too big and expensive to run on a fixed income, so welcome the chance to downsize to somewhere where garden and other maintenance is all part of the monthly levy.

And of course, by the time you do actually need help or care, you’ll already be well-established in the community, and won’t be burdoned with the sudden pressure of quickly having to find somewhere to stay - and possibly being forced to choose somewhere less than ideal simply because nothing else was available.

Choosing to move while you still have the luxury of time just makes so much sense.

So, What Is It About Community Living That Makes It So Appealing?
The answer lies in the name – community. Seniors who are socially active are in better health generally than their more isolated peers. Lower blood pressure, lower rates of mortality and an overall slower decline in physical health are all proven benefits for older adults who live in senior communities.

As you age, you become less mobile. Walking any distance is more difficult, and driving ability decreases. This makes it harder to get out and about and mix with other people. It’s all to easy to then succumb to a very isolated and lonely lifestyle. Lonely people are more susceptible to depression, reduced self-esteem and stress.

Seniors in community living benefit hugely from regular interaction with others. They make new friends, find new hobbies – or rediscover old ones – and generally engage far more with other people than they otherwise would.

Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate Gives You The Best Of Both Worlds
By far the most common sentiment of residents of Eastlands Mature Lifetsyle Estate is that they love being able to have their own home and maintain their independence while still living in a safe, comfortable and luxurious Estate that will care for them as they age.

Here are just a few of the many other benefits residents of our Estate enjoy:

Less Home Maintenance
Eastlands is a sectional title estate. This means all you have to worry about is maintaining the inside of your home. All exterior maintenance, such as grass cutting, painting and fixing leaking roofs, among others, is taken care of by the body corporate. The costs are built into your monthly levy, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Feels Like Being On Holiday
Moving into Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate is like moving into a holiday resort! The residents are vibrant and active, and there is a host of social and sporting clubs for you to join. You might think you’ll have more fun living with your children and grandchildren, but the truth is they will often be busy with their own lives, leaving you feeling very left out. It’s amazing how often you can feel lonely even while living with other people.

Eat Well, Live Well
When you’ve cooked for your children and family for years, it can sometimes be hard to muster up the enthusiasm to cook wholesome meals now that it’s just the two of you. The problem worsens if you’re on your own. At Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate, you never have to eat another meal on your own again – or even cook one, if you don’t feel like it! Choose to invite your new-found Estate friends around for a meal, or ask your family and friends outside the Estate to join you at our beautiful on-site restaurant. We also have a fully-licensed bar, and an accomplished in-house chef – so now you have no excuse not to eat, drink and be merry!

Convenience On Your Doorstep
No car? No problem! Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate has an on-site shop for those days when you run out of eggs, milk and other life essentials. We also have a hair salon, so it’s easy to make sure you always look lovely – for yourself, and your visiting friends and family. Talking of friends and family – isn’t it lovely when you go on holiday to see them? But isn’t the huge pile of laundry when you get back a reality check? Don’t worry – we’ve got that covered too with an on-site laundromat to take care of all your washing and ironing!

If you’ve been thinking about moving to a senior community estate – or even if you haven’t until today – why not come and have a look around the Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate? We’d love to show you in person everything we have to offer, so click here to book your personalised tour. We look forward to welcoming you!




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