Scaling down and looking for a home for your prized possessions?

Post by: Eastlands Estate, 03 Nov 2016

At Eastlands, we aim to create a home from home atmosphere, both within the larger estate, and inside our many facilities, like our beautiful main lodge that is currently under construction.

Just because you have bought (or are about to buy) your forever home at Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate, it doesn’t mean you have to leave all those nice-to-have but non-essential items behind when you scale down to move.

We are looking to feature historical, significant and fascinating collectables, souvenirs and keepsakes in our main lodge, and welcome your contributions.  Thank you to the homeowners who have already donated items for us to display in the lodge and at other facilities in the estate.

If you have books, old Johannesburg or South African memorabilia, paintings or interesting collections you would like to donate to the lodge, please contact us. We’d love to include your contributions and ensure that every time you visit the lodge, you get to enjoy that little piece of home from home.


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