Keeping Our Residents Safe And Happy During Lockdown

Post by: Eastlands Estate, 08 Jun 2020

With South Africa now in Level 3 lockdown, life is slowly getting easier. We’re allowed outside more, we can more flexibly exercise outdoors and walk our dogs…things are definitely looking up!

For the residents of Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate, the easing of restrictions means they are once again able to enjoy some of the many activities we have on offer – while still adhering to government guidelines. 

Naturally, with many residents falling into the higher risk categories when it comes to Covid-19, maintaining the strictest hygiene levels in all communal spaces, and ensuring the two-metre social distancing guidelines are followed, is critically important.

We must here make mention of the fantastic work being done in this regard by our on-site restaurant, Flavour, who have continued making their delicious food available as take-aways throughout the lockdown. This amazing service has made a world of difference for so many residents.

CareLife, too, have done, and continue to do, the most amazing job of looking after those residents who need assistance. Their attitude of positivity and encouragement is truly an inspiration to everyone.

They have adjusted their activities programme to accommodate social distancing guidelines, but still always ensure that everyone has something to look forward to. All the while, of course, making sure medication management doesn’t skip a beat.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

This quote by Margaret Mead defines CareLife’s outlook on nursing and caring for our residents at Eastlands, especially those in their golden years of life.

Our Estate Management too, have been amazing throughout the lockdown so far, and we know they will continue to manage our beautiful estate with the same care, compassion and attention to detail that is so characteristic of their management style.

Their focus throughout lockdown has always been to ensure the physical and mental well-being of our residents. We all know how damaging loneliness can be, so it’s been really heart-warming to see all the initiatives taken by the management team – from regular emails and gaming supplements to keeping spirits up and brains busy, to heightened entrance security measures to limit access to the estate – all designed to keep everyone happy and healthy.

However, the true heroes of Lockdown Life at Eastlands have always been – and continue to be – our amazing residents.

During the more restrictive days of the early lockdown, the estate was eerily quiet with no one out and about. But we have it on good authority that inside their houses, there was much crafting, painting, knitting, reading, online exercising and much more going on! We’re so proud of how positively everyone handled this difficult time.

And now that restrictions have eased, it’s incredibly heart-warming to see people out and about on the Estate – sticking to the social distancing guidelines, but making the most of the excellent autumnal weather.

We love seeing lots of residents out walking their dogs again. As we all know, walking is not just beneficial for our four-legged friends, but for their owners too! Fresh highveld air does wonders for our bodies and minds after many weeks of being indoors.

We’re also seeing lots of groups of two friends our for a walk – on opposite sides of the road and wearing masks, naturally! This creates the opportunity for much loud chatting and laughing, something that is truly wonderful to hear after the quiet of the first few weeks.

Our fabulous eco reserve is also once again open to walkers, who are loving being able to be in touch with so much amazing nature right in their own back yard. And of course, residents are thrilled with the abundance of birdlife – one of the features for which our estate is very well known. Keen birders are excited to see the sheer number of different species being spotted on the Estate at the moment.

And obviously, the indomitable human spirit shown by so many of our residents shines through in the many novel ways they find to socialise with each other while still keeping to lockdown restrictions.

“I enjoy having tea with my neighbour,” says Dawn. “I stay in my garden and she stays in hers, but we chat and enjoy each other’s company, even from a distance.”

We love hearing stories like this, because we all know how much social interaction is needed – especially for the elderly and those who are on their own. For people like this, loneliness isn’t just a side effect of lockdown, so having friendly neighbours who are always up for cuppa is such a wonderful lifeline for them.

As you can see, we’ve got a lot to be very grateful for here at Eastlands – even during lockdown!


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