Rentals in retirement villages and senior living estates are always in demand, and buy-to-rent investments in such properties can generate significant returns.

Eastlands rental market is at an all-time high. With a substantial waiting list for rental properties.

A snapshot of this specific market in Gauteng reveals:

  • Properties are being purchased solely to be let out
  • Quality homes offered at the right rental prices in good areas are being taken up fairly quickly
  • There is a shortage of affordable, upmarket housing options that also have all the associated facilities this sector requires
  • There is a sustained demand for housing in Gauteng, and as a result both the purchase and rental markets are rapidly increasing
  • Rentals remain a popular option for those who are not able to obtain bonds due to their age, for those who are feeling inflationary pressures, and those who simply prefer renting instead of owning their own home

One of the advantages of purchasing property in retirement villages for rental is that these homes offer investors the opportunity to generate a sustainable rental income as well as capital appreciation returns (i.e. the value of the home increases over time, allowing investors to make additional profits when they sell the home).