Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate is run by a Body Corporate comprising eight trustees. The trustees are elected by their fellow homeowners at the annual Eastlands AGM. Each trustee has a portfolio to manage. The Body Borporate hosts a formal monthly meeting, but other meetings take place during the month as and when required.
A detailed levy statement is available for inspection at the Eastlands Manager's office, which lists all items.

Monthly levies are R18.60 /m2 of the actual unit size, and range from R1 600 per month for a one-bedroom garden apartment, R1 898 for a two-bedroom unit, right through to our top of the range freestanding four-bedroom home at R4 092.

These levies cover building insurance, garden lawn service, exterior home maintenance (including the solar geyser but excluding damage caused by lack of maintenance and the cleaning of gutters and roofs), access to all the facilities at the Lifestyle Centre, security and general common property costs.

In addition, there is also a compulsory meal levy of R1 320 per month for 16 meals.
The Eastlands Stabilisation Levy tariff is currently set at a once-off fee of R10 000.
This is to build up sufficient cash flow for the Body Corporate for both monthly expenses and capital expenditure, and to ensure the Body Corporate is able to establish accounts for all services and pay the deposits required to open such accounts.
Yes. Provided the fencing complies with the approved fence type for Eastlands and is within your demarcated exclusive use area. A permission form must be completed and signed off by the Estate Manager prior to any fence installation. This form is available at reception.
The maintenance of the interior of each of unit is the responsibility of the individual owner while the maintenance of the exterior is the responsibility of the Eastlands Body Corporate.
A list of recommended service repair contractors who undertake repairs and maintenance on behalf of Eastlands residents inside their units is available at reception. The cost of this maintenance is for the homeowners' own accounts.
All houses at Eastlands are of a contemporary design: tiled roofs, open plan with large windows and sliding doors that open onto wide patios to maximise views and outdoor living, and luxury internal finishes.
Yes. There is a main dish that services all residents and cables are already fitted in each unit. Each homeowner provides their own decoder and pays the monthly subscription charges applicable to them if required.
Yes. Each homeowner provides their own computer and must sign up with Bronberg for this service, which is for the homeowners' own account.
Fencing and air conditions are permitted subject to compliance with prescribed specifications. All other external modifications require consent from the trustees of the Body Corporate.
The Lifestyle Centre features an onsite Health and Wellness Centre complete with clinic. The nursing care team at the clinic provides a variety of health and wellness services to the Eastland community. The clinic is open seven days a week from 9am to 6pm. The nursing care team also provides a variety of in-home care services to residents. Through this, the team actively promotes independent living by creating an enabling environment, and facilitates participation in activities as well as integration into the community.

The Health and Wellness Centre is also equipped to provide 24-hour, long-term nursing care to Eastlands residents and the wider community of Gauteng.

A team of compassionate and highly skilled multidisciplinary healthcare professionals provides holistic, flexible and individualised care programmes to residents. The team aims to maintain and protect the status, wellbeing, safety and rights of residents, emphasising individual dignity and overall wellbeing.

The 24-hour, long-term care service comprises three different types of accommodation and six different care packages, enabling residents to choose the room and care programme that suits them best.

The following additional services are available to all residents and at an extra cost:

• Daily onsite, in-home care and in-home healthcare services
• Adult day care
• Adult day healthcare, which includes nursing and therapy
• Regular wellness screening and testing
• Weekly scheduled consultations by a physician
• Appointments with counsellors, dieticians, finical advisors, occupational therapists, personal trainers, phlebotomists and physiotherapists
Your unit is your home and visitors are welcome to stay with you as and when you wish, limited to one month. However, for the convenience of all residents, we also have six boutique hotel-style rooms available at the Lifestyle Centre for overnight guests.
There are no facilities available for live-in domestics. Housekeeping services available on request at additional cost to resident.
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own pets, although there is a maximum of two small pets allowed per household subject to Body Corporate approval. The maximum size is 25kg and 60cm high.
Each home has a garden area, and while residents will be encouraged to do their own gardening, lawn mowing will be provided by the body corporate.
The landscaping was guided by professional designers and as such blends in harmoniously with the natural areas within Eastlands. All street frontages and common areas are landscaped and maintained by the Body Corporate in accordance with an approved planting palette.
The entire estate is walled, electrified and covered by CCTV cameras linked to a central control room with CCTV monitors, in addition to regular patrols that are conducted throughout the estate. Each home at Eastlands is also linked to the security gatehouse.
The homes at Eastlands are set in expansive landscaped parklands planted with indigenous trees and shrubs. In keeping with the indigenous theme, the Body Corporate has compiled a list of approved plants that residents are allowed to plant in their gardens. Click here to view the full list.