Don't want to burden your family?

Post by: Eastlands Estate, 16 Oct 2017

Then independent estate living is for you.

When we recently launched our Lifestyle Centre to the Eastlands and broader Benoni community, we had a chance to catch up with many residents about their Eastlands experience so far. What was interesting to note was the number of people who had chosen to live at Eastlands because they felt there were few other retirement options available to them that compared.

Some residents had no family to turn to and wanted the safety of a secure estate, while others found themselves feeling a little lost after their children had relocated overseas. Whatever their personal reasons, the majority of the people we spoke to said they didn’t want to be a burden to their families nor to their ageing siblings or their children who were often living in other parts of South Africa.

This is not uncommon. A quick look through online and social groups for older adults shows this concern is shared by many people aged 50+ who are still active and young at heart, and want to continue enjoying the freedom of unassisted living.

In years gone by, moving out of your home and into an old-school retirement village meant resigning yourself to the sedentary lifestyle of a ‘senior citizen’. Today, however, these villages have been replaced with well-planned estates that cater for every current and future health and wellbeing need, and sustain vibrant communities of active, older people.

A key aspect of these estates is that they promote independence. Residents can continue to live as they have been, enjoying their social and leisure activities and living life to the full, safe in the knowledge that when their needs change, the relevant facilities are available to them, on site. This relieves any concerns of burdening family members, now or in the future.

This is exactly what Eastlands offers – beautiful upmarket freestanding homes for independent living; home-base care for assisted living; and a health care centre with round-the-clock care for later life. It also has a full suite of leisure and lifestyle facilities.

These offerings make Eastlands an attractive prospect for both older people looking for their forever homes, and investors looking for property in this lucrative investment market.

Have you started planning your future yet? Start today with a visit to Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate, and see for yourself the bountiful benefits of independent estate living.



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