Looking to work after 65? Here's what you need to know

Post by: Eastlands Estate, 16 Jan 2019

Do you still feel young? Young in body, young in mind and young at heart? Still feel you’ve got what it takes to get up, get out there and take on the world in your own unique way? You’re not the only one!

An increasing number of over 65s and even over 70s classify themselves as ‘younger’ older people. That is, they are ‘actively ageing’, and still enjoy working as well as all their favourite social and physical activities, just as they did in their younger years.

On the employment front in particular, more ‘younger’ older people are continuing to work than ever before. This is in line with global retirement trends, which are informed by growing worldwide longevity; the increased focus on health and wellbeing in older people; the advancement of medical technology; and the ongoing aspiration by older people to participate in active ageing.

In Europe, for example, the general retirement age is 65 years, however Denmark, France, Germany and Spain recently raised this to 67 years, and Britain and Ireland are aiming for 68 years. By 2050, retirement ages are expected to be much higher, with Denmark already proposing an age of 72 years.

In South Africa, there is no official retirement age (according to our labour legislation), and it’s not uncommon for people to continue working beyond the age of 65.

So, what exactly are these active retirees doing? Here are a few of the more popular employment options for people over 65:

  • Work for your previous employer: if you loved your job and still have excellent relations with your previous employer, consider consulting to the company, working on a temporary basis or even fulfilling a training role. Companies value the knowledge long-term employees bring to the business, and will often welcome this input even after they retire. Aim for less intensive schedules and flexible working hours.
  • Become a consultant: if you have years of specialised industry experience that you know businesses in your sector could benefit from, consider establishing your own consultancy. You get to work your own hours, decide exactly what work you will/not do and still work within the industry you love. It’s a win-win! Reconnect with former colleagues to establish a solid network of industry contacts.
  • Start a small retail business: there’s a cliché that says retirees dream of opening a coffee shop . But the truth be told, if coffee, baking and interacting with people are among your passions, why not open a coffee shop? Or your own baking, sewing, mechanic or any other small enterprise that allows you to live your passion, for that matter? Although the thought of using new technology may put you off, don’t be afraid to pursue online retail options. Having an online store is much cheaper and easier to manage than an actual shop, and depending on your industry, may even net you better returns.
  • Opt for part-time work: if you’re not too fussed about what you do with your days but would like to bring in an income, you could consider part-time work. Depending on your sector, these are usually less stressful than other employment options and may still come with some benefits. Signing up with an employment agency is a good way to source reliable part-time work.
  • Follow your dream: it’s not unusual to find people retiring around age 65, only to go ‘back to school’ and study again to pursue a completely different career in their 60s and 70s. If you have had a burning desire for years and years, now could well be the time to give it wings. Do your homework and find out what exactly what the job requires, and then pursue your passion with vigour.

Some of these employment options require you to have access to specialist spaces, like workshops or meeting rooms.

At Eastlands, our entire estate was developed around the concept of active ageing, and as such boasts a number of facilities for residents who still want to work.

These include:

  • Access to a professional boardroom for a small fee
  • Workshop space for producing small woodwork or metalwork items
  • Vegetable allotments for growing small-scale herbs/vegetables

Of course active ageing also includes a strong focus on health and wellness, which is why Eastlands also features indoor and outdoor pools, a lap pool, bowling green, jukskei pitch, gym and health studio.

Whether you’re looking to continue working, pursue your favourite hobbies and use them to derive an income, or just take a complete break and put your feet up, we’ve got you covered.

Why not pop into Eastlands today to plan your stress-free retirement?

We’d be delighted to help you find your forever home!



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