Construction starts on the 'heart' of Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate

Post by: Eastlands Estate, 10 Apr 2017

Can you hear it, that loud thump, thump, thump? No, it’s not the sound of continuing construction at Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate (although that is very much happening all around us!), but rather the sound of the heartbeat of our estate as we begin construction on our highly anticipated main lodge.

Like the heart of any matter, our main lodge lies at the centre of the estate. It’s the nucleus around which all our homes radiate; it’s the hub within which the all estate activities take place; and it’s the central meeting point for residents to engage and interact with friends and family. The main lodge is, undeniably, the heart of Eastlands Estate.

Construction on this important node is already well underway, and is expected to be completed by 31 July 2017, just ahead of spring. Which is great, because as the days start to warm up once again, we know our residents are going to want to take advantage of the lodge’s indoor, outdoor and lap pools (yes, we have three pools!) as well as the gym and health studio.

These aren’t the only facilities available at the main lodge that are geared towards healthy living and physical wellbeing – the two cornerstones of our proactive approach to active aging. The lodge also boasts a bowling green, business centre with boardroom, carpentry and metalwork workshop facilities, and located nearby, generous-sized vegetable allotments.

Also located within or in close proximity to the main lodge is our state-of-the-art, 24-hour frail care centre; assisted living units; pharmacy; doctors’ rooms; restaurant and coffee shop; boutique hotel rooms for overnighting family and friends; laundry and cleaning facilities; hairdresser; storage facilities; and the pick-up and drop off point for the estate shuttle service.

As you can see, breaking ground on the main lodge is not just another phase in construction, but an important milestone in the development of Eastlands as one of South Africa’s premier mature lifestyle residential estates.



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