Celebrating the freedom of the new retirement

Post by: Eastlands Estate, 01 Apr 2018

It’s Freedom Month! As an active over 50, do you ever stop to think what freedom means to you?

Is it perhaps your upcoming retirement and freedom from having to work?

Maybe your children are about to fly the coop and you’re looking forward to the freedom of a quieter home?

Or perhaps all that has already happened and you’re looking to scale everything down, with freedom from the large family home, the extensive maintenance and the financial burden that comes with it.

Whichever scenario you’re facing, freedom in your retirement can mean a whole lot of different things.

At Eastlands it really only means one thing: the freedom to enjoy your retirement exactly how you wish to!

The new retirement

There’s a new global thinking about life after employment. That is, that Baby Boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964) don’t want to sit around all day doing nothing. It’s not uncommon for older people to feel bored or even depressed when they go from active employment to a sudden sedentary lifestyle.

Baby Boomers also recognise the need to live in a beautiful space that although smaller, still inspires them. They also want to maintain control of their finances and plan for the future, and ensure easy access to medical treatment that will become a necessity as they age.

Eastlands ticks all the boxes

We have taken all this into account at Eastlands, and designed our estate around these very specific needs of active over 50s.

This includes:

  • Our state-of-the art Lifestyle Centre offering a full range of lifestyle activities that promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle for residents while strengthening their sense of community.
  • These facilities include a heated indoor pool and two outdoor pools; a bowling green and jukskei field; vegetable allotments; carpentry and metalwork workshops; boardroom; restaurant and coffee shop; lounge; hairdresser and beautician; and a large communal braai area.
  • A selection of beautiful, spacious homes that are modern, upmarket and really affordable (no box living here!)
  • Our sectional title offering, which allows residents to grow their property investment over time. Unlike other retirement estates, we don’t offer life rights, which is where residents only ‘purchase’ the right to occupy the unit or property for the rest of their life. They never own the unit, and when they pass away, the developer is legally entitled to ‘sell’ the property to another life rights buyer.  At Eastlands, your home is always yours.
  • Our Healthcare and Wellness Centre, which features six dedicated assisted living suites that offer professional homecare services, as well as a 16-bed health care centre that provides 24-hour health care. These facilities provide individual care programmes, and also feature an onsite doctor, physiotherapist and pharmacist.

So you see, whether freedom to you means being active, socialising, focusing on your interests and hobbies, ensuring financial security, access to medical support, or just enjoying life, at Eastlands you have the freedom to do just that!




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