August 2017: Construction Schedule

Post by: Eastlands Estate, 01 Aug 2017


WEEK 1: Snag phase 3C, finishing phase 4A, complete rafts phase 4, plaster phase 4B                       

WEEK 2: Complete plaster phase 4B, brickwork phase 4C, painting phase 4A (external)                   

WEEK 3: Plasterwork phase 4B & 4C, start tiling phase 4A, start on foundations for storage garages           

WEEK 4: Fit cabinetry phase 4A, roofing phase 4C, level and shape phase 4B                         



WEEK 1: Start with curbs and paving phase 4 and on the roads   

WEEK 2: Complete curbing phase 4A

WEEK 3: Do sub-base for paving

WEEK 4: Complete paving of roads phase 4A



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