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Post by: Eastlands Estate, 07 Jun 2016

The new on-trend norm in retirement living
It’s been described as a ‘mega trend’, and is as significant and as influential as any other ‘major historical, sociological or economic change we’ve ever seen’.

It’s the concept of people living longer, and it’s bringing with it a major shift in the lifestyle, social and housing needs of today’s over 50s.

“With the advances in science and medicine, 100-year life spans are now a matter of course. That’s never been the case before in human history,” says Mike Hodin, the executive director of the US-based Global Coalition on Aging, who believes all constructs of the 20th century, including the way people live, need to be completely overhauled for 21st century living.

Two major factors driving this change is delayed retirement and active ageing.

According to, 80 is the new 65. ‘With seniors redefining retirement, the concept of age and retirement has been disrupted. This disruption has extended the professional lives of the 65+ demographic, adding more time to their careers past the traditional retirement age,’ notes the site.

In fact, data from Australia’s latest McCrindle Baynes Village Census shows more than 1 in 7 retirement village residents in that country are still in paid employment – a trend expected to increase in future around the world.

Linked to this is a strong desire to remain active. Gone are the days of retirement village residents simply wanting to relax and put their feet up; today’s over 50s are physically, intellectually and socially active.

Research from the International Council on Active Aging shows that older retirement villages are being forced to remodel their facilities for ‘a younger older market’.

This includes adding everything from upscale fitness centres, pools and spa services to lifelong learning classrooms, computer labs, formal volunteer programmes and even partnerships with the larger community.

These global trends are shaping new thinking in the design of retirement villages: that of mature lifestyle estates that cater for the full gamut of over 50s living, including employed, active residency; home care; assisted living and even frail care, all on one secure, beautifully landscaped estate.

As a forerunner in active aging and aging in place in South Africa, this is exactly what the globally on-trend, upmarket Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate offers today’s ‘next-generation’ over 50s who want the lifestyle and befits of a retirement village but are still young enough to enjoy life.


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